Ticket prices for the Nagybörzsöny - Kisirtás - Nagyirtáspuszta line 

Valid from April 1st, 2023 until withdrawn.

Ticket purchase options:

You can purchase your tickets at the ticket office/gift shop in Nagybörzsöny before boarding, or from the railway guides at the other stations.

Payment options:

You can pay for line tickets in cash and in Hungarian Forints, or with credit card.

Ticket (for a one-way journey on the 8 km)

Full price:                HUF 1.900,-  
Discount:                HUF 1.500,- 

Return ticket (for a single round trip on the 8 km)

Full price:               HUF  3.100,-
Discount:                HUF 2.300,-

Section ticket (for a one-way journey of up to 4 km, to/from Kisirtás)

Full price:                HUF 1.300,-
Discount:                HUF  800,-

Bicycle ticket (for a single one-way trip)
                              HUF 1.900,-

Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children for the return trip )
                                   HUF 10.000,-

Discount tickets are available for:

- Children aged 4-16

- Full-time student

- Retired over the age of 65

- Animals

Family ticket: 

- 2 adults and 2 children for the return trip 

- The necessary ticket must be purchased for each additional child

Children under 4 years of age can travel free of charge.

Please indicate your need for a VAT invoice in advance, as we are NOT able to issue it afterwards! 

Transport of dogs, cats and other animals:

- Dogs can only be transported with a muzzle and leash. 

- The dog and other animals must be transported in such a way that they do not contaminate the vehicle, and do not endanger or disturb the travel, peace and physical integrity of the passengers. 

- Transporting live animals on the seat is FORBIDDEN! 

- A discounted ticket must be exchanged for the dog and the cat, regardless of the distance of the trip. 

- If the size of the animal does not exceed the size of hand luggage and it travels on your lap or on the ground, it can be transported free of charge. 

- One passenger can transport a maximum of 2 dogs or 2 cats.