Travel from Nagybörzsöny to Szob

Dear Passengers! 

From 2016 it is possible to travel with railways in the forest from Nagybörzsöny throughout Szob, but due to the current ownership conditions, it is possible to continue the journey with a transfer in Nagyirtáspuszta and a new ticket. Transfers are announced in the timetable with a transfer time of 5-10 minutes.


Nagybörzsöny Forest Railway: 
Nagybörzsöny - Kisirtás - Nagyirtáspuszta

Bezina-valley Forest Railway: 
Szob - Márianosztra - Nagyirtáspuszta 

We would like to draw the attention of our passengers to the fact that the railway guides can only issue tickets for their own section! The validity of the tickets is only for the section where they are purchased, these data are indicated in the top row of the tickets! If you want to travel further from Nagyirtáspuszta with the other train, you can buy another ticket from the guides there!

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