Notification of group travel intention for more than 10 people 

We draw the attention of our Dear Passengers to the fact that the trains run with fewer cars when there is less passenger traffic, so if you would like to use our services with a group, please read the following information! 

If you want to travel with a group of more than 10 people, please let us know at least 1-2 days before departure via one of our contacts! We ask that groups of children, groups of adults and groups of pensioners over 10 people register to make their journey comfortable!

Please note: 

- Group check-in is NOT a reservation! 

- For group check-in, if you would like to request a separate car, please indicate this separately! The price of the special ticket: in addition to the ticket price + HUF 10,000 (one way)

Notification of groups: 


Data requested for registration (for registration by phone, email or in person): 

- The name of the institution or the name of the group leader (this is necessary to identify the group before starting the trip) 

- The number of people in the group (approximately or even exactly) 

- The date of the trip and the departure time of the selected train 

- In e-mail, if possible, a telephone contact

Dear Passengers, please note that group CHECK-IN IS NOT CONSIDERED A SEAT RESERVATION, so we cannot necessarily provide a seat for everyone! 

Special train order: 

A special train can be ordered at least 7 days before the trip. The special train can only be operated taking traffic conditions into account! 

Ask for our unique price offer at! 

Please enter the following information for the quote: 

- Planned time of the trip (date, time of departure) 

- On which route do you want to travel (from where to where, one way/round trip) 

- Expected number of passangers